Brent A. Pedersen

Orange County, CA 92705 - 714.876.5594 - bp@bap3d.com - http://www.bap3d.com


SOFTWARE: 3D Studio Max, Maya, ZBrush, and Mudbox
ENGINES: Unreal III, UDK, G.E.C.K., and Unity
SKILLS: 3D Modeling, Texturing, 10+ years of experience with Adobe CS products



Papaya Studio

3D FX Artist, July 2011 – Current

Create and enhance character and environment 3D Visual Effects for Cartoon Network’s - Punch Time Explosion XL (PS3, Xbox, Wii). Effects were created in 3DS Max while utilizing proprietary software.


Pantera Entertainment (Custom Engine)

3D Environment Artist, April 2011 - Current

Create game assets for upcoming PS3 title. Duties include modeling and texturing game assets.


Couch Potato Sports (Unity Engine)

3D Artist, April 2011 - Current

Create game assets for upcoming multiplatform portable title. Duties include everything from modeling game assets to game play, logo and web design.


EON Reality, Inc. (Custom Engine)

3D Artist (Contracted), Jan. 2011-Feb. 2011

Optimize 3D assets for use in proprietary engine. Contract completed.


Blind Squirrel Games (Unity and UDK Engines)

3D Environment Artist, July 2010-Sept. 2010

Provided models for a number of currently unreleased products.  Emphasis placed on rapid prototyping.  Assets of all sizes needed - from small props to larger architectural pieces.


queSPECK Studios (Student/Indie Development Team - UDK)

Lead Character Modeler, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011

Responsibilities include modeling creatures and characters as well as the supervision of a team of artists.  Close communication is maintained with all teams to ensure a fluid pipeline


The Atomic Café (Fallout 3: Ashes – Fallout 3 Mod Team, G.E.C.K. Engine)

Technical Director, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2010

Provided in-depth knowledge of the Fallout 3 G.E.C.K. engine to all team members.  Solutions provided for importing mesh, weapons, custom projectiles, and armor customization.  Additional support provided in relation to animation, texturing and world building.


Skateseason Distribution 

Art Production & Industrial Design, 2003-2008

Oversaw product design, production, and delivery of custom products at overseas facilities.  Created and readied artwork for advertisements, websites, and custom OEM products.



Art Institute of California – Orange County (Dec. 2010)

Bachelor of Science, Game Art & Design.

University of California at Davis (1996)

Bachelor of Science, Physical Anthropology.



-          Dean's, President's & Honor's List:  Art Institute of California – (Multiple Quarters)

-          2002 MAME Winner (themameawards.com) - Cat. 40:  Best Website for a Builder/Community